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The Story of Hajoca

HAJOCA - Plumbing, Heating, and Industrial Supplies "HAJOCA" - an unusual name for a company. It isn't the name of a person like Mueller or Rockwell or Dupont, nor is it a place like Bethleham, Reading, or Pittsburgh. Unlike many company names, it doesn't even give a hint about the nature of its business.

The company hasn't always been called HAJOCA. At first, it bore the name of it's founder, William S. Cooper. In 1858, Cooper started in business grinding key stops in his cellar. He acquired a couple of partners named Jones and Cadbury. A foundry where plumbing brass goods could be manufactured was opened, but still not under the HAJOCA name. That didn't happen until Cooper left the firm and William Haines joined Jones and Cadbury. Those three contributed the first two letters of their names to form ours, "HA JO CA" .

Another contribution came from William Penn who had already given his name to the State of Pennsylvania. He lent HAJOCA a likeness of his statue atop Philadelphia City Hall to complete the emblem that we use today. It is one of the oldest trademarks now in use.

Although the trademark is the same, HAJOCA's business has changed over the years from manufacturing to distribution.

Each location is staffed by a group of trained people who offer prompt and courteous service on a complete line of supplies geared to the needs of its customers. We are prepared and ready to serve you !

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