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About Our Company

Gorman Company has been in business over fifty years as a wholesale supplier of swimming pool / spa supplies and materials. Our customers are local pool and spa builders, dealers and service companies throughout the Florida region.

Our regional office is located in Jacksonville, Florida and may be contacted at (904) 354-0631. Gorman is a division of Hajoca -- an American company with a great story .

Attention Pool Builders, Dealers and Service Companies

If you are not currently purchasing pool and spa supplies from Gorman, then please contact a store near you to see how we can offer superior service beyond your current supplier. We offer:

  • competitive pricing
  • excellent products in-stock
  • fast shipping
  • flexible payment terms
  • superior customer service
Don't settle for a pool and spa wholesale supplier who doesn't respond to the individual needs of your business. We will give you the attention you need and deserve to form a winning business partnership. Work with Gorman, work with the best. We want your business!

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