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EUS HEat Pumps

How The EUS Heat Pump Works

Cold water is no fun. The solution is to heat your pool so that every day the water is at the temperature you desire. A heat pump makes this possible.

The EUS heat pump moves heat from the air to the water. This method has great advantages over gas-powered heat pumps which must create heat to pass to the water. Accordingly, the EUS heat pump operates on a fraction of the energy required by conventional heaters.

Your cost is 75%-80% less than propane (LP) gas systems and 50%-55% less than natural gas systems, based on national average prices. Only a small amount of electricity is used to operate a fan which pulls the warm air through the evaporator where the air gives up its heat, converting the liquid refrigerant into a gas.

A small amount of electricity is used to operate the compressor which compresses the heated gas to an even higher temperature. Then, this hot gas gives up its heat to the incoming pool water in the condensor (heat exchanger). Finally, the refrigerant condenses back to a liquid and the cycle repeats.

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