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EUS HEat Pumps

What Makes EUS a Better Buy?


With more than 20 years experience building heat pump water heaters, we're the pioneer in the industry. Our employees are skilled craftspeople who take great pride in their work. We never cut corners to save money on parts and labor. We use only the best quality components.


With a five-year warrenty on all parts and labor, you can see why we use only quality components. It doesn't make sense to save a few dollars on cheap parts and then spend big bucks on repairs for the next five years! EUS stands behind its five-year warranty which comes with the unit at no extra charge. Paying extra for an extended warranty "backed" by some warranty company is risky for the customer. Warranty companies oftem stick closely to the letter and may not cover the problem. Also, they don't care if the customer is satisfied or not with their decision. EUS cares very much and that's why our warranty covers all parts.

A Unique Heat Exchanger

It's the only heat pump in the entire industry that does not let the corrosive pool water touch metal -- anywhere. Nearly every other manufacturer's heat exchanger routes the pool water through a metal tube. Stains on the pool bottom are a clue that metal is being dissolved from the heat exchanger and deposited in the pool. EUS builds a unique, coated heat exchanger which isolates the water from the metal so corrosion and undue wear cannot occur.


EUS offers the highest quality at an excellent price. Many manufacturers have cut prices and sacrificed value to become more competitive with EUS. We remain firm on value. For example, we use two layers of evaporator instead of one, a $5 weatherproof seal instead of a 30 plastic seal, and a vinyl dipped evaporator screen instead of painted wire or plastic.

Full-Flow For Better Heat Transfer

Many competitive units use heat exchangers that cannot accept normal pump flow of water and have internal by-passes. This allows the full flow to enter the unit, but only part goes through the heat exchanger while the rest is by passed (unheated) back to the pool. EUS units take up to 70 gpm in the larger units and up to 50 gpm in the smaller units. Therefore, EUS units heat all the water, not just part of it.


EUS has chosen to avoid extra lights, digital readouts, dials and buttons. Extras may appear impressive but often cause more problems that are costly to repair or replace. EUS concentrates only on those features that meet our goal -- to heat water more efficiently and economically.

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